Boots Opens in Malahide | Their Biggest Fan Officiates, Moi of course!

No Repro Fee. 07.10.2015 Carmel Dunne, who was the first employee of the Boots Liffey Valley store 10 years ago was delighted to officiate the opening with Amy Dillion, local celebrity and founder of; and Joanne Kelly, Store Manager. Pic. Robbie ReynoldsIf you have seen any of my videos or been reading my blog for any amount of time over the past few years you will know that Boots is like my mother ship. Needless to say I was thrilled to be invited to officiate at the opening of their new store in my home town of Malahide!

No Repro Fee. 07.10.2015 Pictured at the opening of the new Boots store in Malahide were Amy Dillon, local celebrity; Carmel Dunne, Boots Employee; Joanne Kelly, Store Manager and full Boots team. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

Pictured: Carmel Dunne, Boots Employee; Joanne Kelly, Store Manager, the full Boots team and little ol’ me. (Pic. Robbie Reynolds)

Situated right in the heart of the picturesque village the store boasts an array of beauty and makeup products, fragrances, supplements, gifts, Christmas pressies, health items, snacks and a full pharmacy. I was only in there a half an hour and I spotted so many things I wanted, it was a Quick-get-me-outta-here-before-I-buy-more sort of situation. Admittedly I did spend yesterday evening with a cup of tea and their gift catalogue, there is now a list…oops!

staff picture 2

I am also a little obsessive when it comes to saving Boots points on my card. I am inclined to buy as many necessities there so that once in a while I get to spend my points of something pretty!staff picture

I should mention that I have an upcoming post on Boots Christmas gifts. Every year the 3 for 2 option gets me – I like to think that if you buy two gifts for relatives then the third one should be for yourself lol. I know what you’re thinking, like I need an excuse to buy more beauty products!

No Repro Fee. 07.10.2015 Pictured at the opening of the new Boots store in Malahide were Amy Dillon, local celebrity; Carmel Dunne, Boots Employee; Joanne Kelly, Store Manager and full Boots team. Pic. Robbie Reynolds

The staff in the new store are so friendly and helpful, I wish them all the best of luck. No doubt they will be sick seeing me in there in no time :D

Thanks for having me girls, hope that cake was yummy!


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Get Stronger Longer Hair



If you have damaged, fine hair I have finally found a product that will make you fabulous! Pureology Strength Cure Micro-scarred Colour damaged hair. When I see products for damaged hair I assume they will weigh down my already fine hair. These products do no such thing *enter high five woo hoo at your leisure*. We have found a winner.


I have been using 4 products from the range:

  • Strength Cure Shampoo  (€21)- Fortifies and softens hair whilst gently cleansing.Sulfate free.
  • Strength Cure Conditioner (€25)- Conditions and detangles improving hairs touch and light reflection.
  • Strenth Cure Restorative Mask (€35)- Intensely fortifies and prevents breakage. Increases stength and shine.
  • Strength Cure Fabulous Lengths (€25)- Healing formula to help strengthen hair, smooth split ends and helps prevent further breakage.

They also have a Split End Salve which I don’t have but I will probably buy in the near future.



I shampooed twice using the shampoo. It smells amazing, as all Pureology products do. A soft gentle honey, marshmallow type fragrance, if clouds had a smell this is what they would smell like. I then towel dried my hair, after rinsing the shampoo out very well, and massaged a dollop of the mask. I started at my ear and spread down to the the tips, avoiding my scalp. After 5 minutes I rinsed well again and applied some of the lighter conditioner, leaving it for one minute.I gently patted the damp wet out of my locks and sprayed the spray from the mid-lengths of my hair downwards.
I styled as normal – which for me is just using my dryer and a large barreled brush. Since I didn’t use any volumising products, I tipped my head upside down and gave the roots a big blast before sectioning and drying as normal.


Get Stronger Longer Hair



I’m very happy. This is the softest my hair has felt in a very long time. I have had issues with tangles since my hair got dryer over the Winter but there wasn’t one in sight. I tend to loose quite a but of hair trying to get a brush through my hair after washing, there was far less fall-out this time. When I was finished styling my hair kept the little volume I had added and felt like pure silk, amazing! I couldn’t stop toughing it :) I had a few compliments on my hair that night and how it smelled too.


You can find Pureology in salons and also online from

I love Pureology, end of story. It always does exactly what it says on the tin, smells divine and is sulphate free to it helps my highlights and low-lights last longer. Their products also don’t irritate the skin on my body in the shower. I often get horrible bumps on my arms and thighs after shampooing – never happens when I’m using Pureology. The downside is the price – wouldn’t it be lovely if it was super cheap? Yeah, dream on Amy! I often wait until there’s a buy one get one half off offer in my local salon.

Any Pureology fans? What is your favourite haircare brand?




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Natural Summer Skin Products

IMG_5726I was made for sunshine so I’m not even thinking about Autumn yet. There is still some Summer to be had! With that in mind I thought I would share some of the Summer skin products I have been trying out from Holland and Barrett.

I actually buy a lot of my body care products from health shops, thank you sensitive skin. I usually go for SLS free products too to avoid a KP breakout. When it comes to my face I can shop anywhere since my skin seems to be pretty hardy, good job given my line of work eh. But the skin on my body flares up if a chemical so much as looks at me wrong.


Dr. Organic Aloe Vera Skin Lotion | Love! Aloe Vera and I have had a long standing love affair. It just works well with my skin type. This cream is perfect as an after sun. You can feel it cooling your skin. I find most after-suns runny, this is creamy, probably down to the cocoa and shea butters. It’s not greasy at all. It also smells like a DKNY perfume so you smell yummy without having to spritz. Aloe is the highest listed ingredient too, so it’s there in a quantity that actually calms your skin. I will definite be purchasing this one when it runs out. I would use it all year round as a body moisturiser. (€8.29) The brand is also on Buy One Get One Half Off at the moment so that’s 2 of them for just over €12, I’m stocking up.


Dr. Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum | This beauty is a hair serum for frizzy hair. I am thinking of Monica from friends with her huge Barbados hair “It’s the humidity!!”. My hair hates humidity. I often buy hair products just for that purpose alone. This oil seals the hair cuticle. I found it also helped with detangling, I’ve even been using it in the girls hair after their bath. It leaves our hair shiny and it feels protected. I have to say that the bottle is pretty so would make a nice little gift. (€18.75 here)


Lavera Self-Tanning Lotion | This guy is organic and made for the body rather than the face. It’s made with macadamia and sunflower oil. There’s even some shea butter in there which I can only imagine lends to more moisturised skin and since moisture is key when it comes to fake tanning, this can only be a good thing. Now don’t be expecting St Tropez dark results here. We are talking natural and moistursied. It goes on almost like a suncream, smells that way too. Although it is creamy and takes a few seconds to work in, it actually dries in quickly and isn’t sticky. You know how much I hate fake tan smell, hits my gag reflex, but this smells yum. It’s only 150ml but a little does go a long way since it spreads so well. (€18.29 here)


I have also been sampling some Vita Coco Cocnut Water with Pineapple (€2.85) I have tried the orginal before and I wasn’t a fan but I have to say I do like the Pineapple version. Quite refreshing, especially if you aren’t a fan of fizzy drinks.

So if you are on the sensitive side don’t forget to check out your local health shop for skincare products. I have been very impressed over the years, far less duds than you find in Boots.

Right, I’m off to get started on photographing new make-up for my blog, loads and loads to chat about.

Has anyone found any products worth sharing from the health shop?


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Get Stronger, Longer Hair | Matrix Oil Wonders


I know I have been on the missing list! Life has been demanding of late. But today I found myself oohing and aahing over a much-loved hair product. Yesterday I was covering myself in a new foundation thinking I really need to get back online and have a rave about this. The day previous I almost electrocuted myself with a beauty appliance and my first thought was blog rant! In short, I am missing you guys something terrible. So I’m back. Back to ranting and raving and my usual waffle. Man I’ve missed it!

Let the raving begin…

Oh holy silky hair heaven! A hair product I have obsessed with lately  at the moment is the Matrix Oil Wonders Indian Amala Strengthening Oil. I needed to try it well because, well my hair was a mess of breakage and dryness. It is supposed to invigorate and renew weakened hair leaving it feel 4 times stronger and if anyone needs stronger hair it’s me *sobs into hands after removing giant wad of hair from brush*.


I won’t beat around the bush today, holy shamazingness! This stuff is just made for my hair. I was using it before I had my extensions put in and have continued using it from mid-length down with my Gold Fevers. My own hair has been falling out due to hormone imbalance and stress over the past year, it was damaged and brittle but because it was so fine most hair oils were a little heavy. My hair would look great on the day I washed and styled but then it would look a holy show the following day.


With this oil I use one tiny squirt and disperse from the mid lengths down and at the ends of the front layers, then I style my hair like normal. A lot of my hair loss was in the top and I will be following up with the products I used to disguise that thinness, by God I’ve tried mountains of them. If my hair was very parched of moisture of frizzy I might use a teeny tiny smidge after styling but just at the ends. As with any hair oil, a little goes a very long way.

It left my hair silky and soft, styling was a doddle. No greasiness, no heaviness, no limp hair. And it only  costs €12.50, which I have just looked up online and can’t believe. So if you want stronger, longer hair I would highly recommend it.

I have about 6 hair oils but if I ever do run out of this I will be straight out to buy another. As for the rest of them? Dead to me, ha ha!

10/10 Awesomeness.

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The Best Mascara Fix – Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection


If like me you are a mascara addict you will be familiar with issues of dried lashes later in the day, clumping, flaking and then come tea time you want to apply another coat to freshen up or add drama but your lashes will not cooperate. Enter Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection Lash Refresher. It’s the best mascara fix, holy innovation Batman!


This stuff literally does resurrect your lashes. I read the hype and thought yeah-yeah whatever, but holy moly this has already become a makeup bag staple. It’s essentially a serum that comes in a mascara-like tube and a curved wand. You apply to your lashes to soften the existing mascara and get them ready for the next coat.


The brush coats each lash from root to tip, it separates every lash so its great if your mascara has clumped together. It’s also handy if you botched applying your mascara and need to undo the damage. What I use it for mostly it to add a fresh coat later in the day when my lashes need a wee lift.

Best Mascara Fix Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection

I don’t think its necessary to spend a lot of money on Mascara. I have favourites from various brands, everything from Bobbi Brown Smokey Lash to brands like NYC and Boots 17. But since I am always testing something new I never really know how my lashes will hold up on a given day. Will there be flaking, smudging, running all over my face? It’s mascara roulette. Since the addition of this beauty that is not an issue at all. It’s also a good way to get use out of mascaras that might not have been for you, I can think of about ten sitting up in my mascara drawer.

There’s no need to go on and on about this. Love it, love it, love it.

You’ll find Urban Decay online and in store at Debenhams and from House of Fraser. It comes in at €13 which makes it affordable and also means it will eternally be in my makeup bag!



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Iron Away Puffy Eye Bags with Benefit Puff Off

An iron on the top of an eye gel? Obviously I have to know if it works. When I heard about the iron I first thought gimmick! I assumed it would be plastic and look tacky but actually its like a dainty little monopoly piece. It’s not the iron itself,  its that it stays cold, like applying the back of a cold spoon to your eye puffs. Although the shape of the tip works much better with the shape of your under eye area… Continue Reading

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New Fragrances for Summer

DKNY’s new limited edition collection of fragrances ‘Delicious Delights‘ are inspired by sweet sorbets. I love the pacakging, these look absolutely adorable. They are  perfect for Summer. Here is a little breakdown…

Fruity Rooty Sweet and creamy. Opens with a cocktail of blackberry and juicy mandarin infused with blackcurrent . It has develops with candied apple, rose petals and violet flower. The base notes are orris, vanilla and musk. I would describe this as a sweet blackcurrant with gentle musk. Continue Reading

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Instant Results!
with Murad Eye Cream

Hi guys, I’m back! I have a mountain of products and treatments I want to blog about so be prepared to get sick of me. Hope you all are enjoying Christmas!

I’m at an age where I am a little concerned about eye crinkles. I have spent much of 2104 testing my way through eye creams (over-view to follow). I have found some good ones but generally a lot of duds. I haven’t found my holy grail eye product so I still get a little over-enthusiastic when a brand launches a new product that contains the latest magic powers.

The latest offering is from Murad. The Instant Radiance Eye Cream is said to instantly erase dark circles. I of course needed to try it. Murad is generally a brand I trust. I haven’t tried too many products of theirs but of those I have tried, I liked.

So what does this guy do and did it do the trick?

Continue Reading